Every Piece is a

Creative, Unique, Passionate Journey

Using silver, brass, and copper as her base foundation, Jill Dunn enhances her jewelry by adding unique etching, chasing, forging, patina, stones, and shapes. Each piece is its own journey and she reaches the final destination by forging a new, artistic map. The voyage begins with taking a shape or texture from nature, such as a leaf or cloud, and then molding it into a piece of wearable art that is attractive, original, and affordable.

Each piece of Jill Dunn Designs jewelry is personally designed by and created by the artist. Jill uses a variety of metals and alloys that lend themselves to the richness of her work. When you own a piece of Jill Dunn Designs jewelry, you own a one of a kind creation and not something produced in mass quantities.


Find Joy in Discovering


Whether it is visiting a new country or a new dazzling vista of nature, each experience opens the senses to a world of new sounds, smells, sights, tastes, and textures. With each new experience, I take away a mental memento of the occasion and try to incorporate it into an original jewelry design.

Every original design captures a portion of an experience in a beautiful piece of wearable art. 

Jill Dunn,

Artist & Creator

Jill Dunn is a graduate of Michigan State University. After forty-two years working with intellectually and developmentally delayed children and adults, she became acutely aware of both the uniqueness of people and the common attributes shared by most. She has always believed that success is a journey and not a destination, and her jewelry work encompasses this philosophy. Jewelry design has allowed her to channel creativity and an interest in processes into a new and exciting direction. 

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Unique Pieces for

Unique People

Created through nature, designed with passion.

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